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Michael Ransom Book Review: Deal-Breaker by Harlan Coben

Deal BreakerDeal Breaker by Harlan Coben

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Harlan Coben introduces a new character and cast of supporting characters in Deal-Breaker. Myron Bolitar is not your normal mystery-solving protagonist...he's a sports agent! More specifically, he's a northern NJ-based sports agent, working in the city and around the Meadowlands  Read More 
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Michael Ransom Book Review: Mississippi Noir (Edited by Tom Franklin)

Mississippi NoirMississippi Noir by Tom Franklin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Aptly named, Mississippi Noir certainly plumbs the depths of modern-day noir with strange and sorrowful tales told from all perspectives, creeds, colors and cares. The milleiu of the state is clearly conducive to noir- as has often been observed< Read More 
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The Shortest Verse in the Bible, or "What Makes an Author Tick?"

I had finally made it.

My first novel The Ripper Gene had just been published, and my wife had wisely scheduled our family to be nowhere near a bookstore, but rather at the New Jersey shore on vacation… in a sea town without a bookstore for twenty miles, during the momentous occasion of my first novel’s release.

The first night of the official day of my publication, after everyone in my family had gone to bed in the shore house, I quietly cracked open my MacBook Air and logged onto Amazon at midnight as my novel "went live”. I watched for the first few hours, disbelieving my own eyes as I watched my novel creep into the top 100  Read More 
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Blog: DNA, Violence and Free Will in The Ripper Gene

(as originally appeared on, August 18 2015)

The progress in the last decade leading to the sequencing of all 3.2 billion letters (i.e., nucleotides) of the human genome has unleashed a bewildering array of possibilities and unexpected avenues for biomedical research. The speed with which the technologies for sequencing DNA have evolved is  Read More 
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Blog: The Scientific Inspiration for The Ripper Gene

(as originally appeared Sept 24, 2015 on SCIENCETHRILLERS.COM)

People often ask me “What was the inspiration for your novel The Ripper Gene?”. I’ve already mentioned in other interviews that the genesis of Lucas’s backstory-his mother’s untimely death one Halloween night- was based on a real Halloween night from my childhood that I later  Read More 
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Interview: Q&A with BookReviewsandGiveAways.Org

(as originally appeared Sept 8, 2015 on BOOKREVIEWSANDGIVEAWAYS.ORG)

BR&GA: How did you come up with the title for your novel, THE RIPPER GENE?

MR: I find titles to be one of the most difficult undertakings involved in writing a book. It’s incredibly “tricky”, since you’re trying to capture so  Read More 
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Blog: Birth of a Story - Prologue in The Ripper Gene

(as originally appeared Sept 10, 2015 on TheLiteratiPress.WordPress.Com)

I heard in a class recently (Writing Great Fiction from The Great Courses) that the entire inspiration for The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner was the image of a little girl in dirty underpants sitting on the limb of a pear tree, peering into a  Read More 
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Interview: Q&A with Author Jay Whales

(as originally appeared on AuthorJayWhales.Wix.Com on Sept 14, 2015)

JW: Michael, with your background, do you find it difficult to write in a way that people understand what you are trying to say? (Is it hard to “dumb down” your thoughts?)

MR: No, in fact I’ve always enjoyed relaying what I do or  Read More 
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Interview: Q&A with Marjorie's World of Books

(as originally appeared on on Sept 15, 2015)

MWoB: Knowing your scientific background before reading your book, I had thought there might be parts that would be over my head. I was very impressed with the clarity and simplicity of your scientific explanations. Was it difficult for you to tone it down for the  Read More 
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Interview: Q&A with Donna's Book Blog

(as originally appeared Sept 16, 2015 on Donna's Book Blog)

DBB: What is the book’s genre/category?

MR: It’s essentially a biomedical mystery / thriller but its classified officially as a “Medical Thriller”. Which works well for me, as it puts me in the company of all the very original authors I read in my early days who inspired me  Read More 
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