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Michael Ransom Book Review: Mississippi Noir (Edited by Tom Franklin)

Mississippi NoirMississippi Noir by Tom Franklin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Aptly named, Mississippi Noir certainly plumbs the depths of modern-day noir with strange and sorrowful tales told from all perspectives, creeds, colors and cares. The milleiu of the state is clearly conducive to noir- as has often been observed< Read More 
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Blog: DNA, Violence and Free Will in The Ripper Gene

(as originally appeared on, August 18 2015)

The progress in the last decade leading to the sequencing of all 3.2 billion letters (i.e., nucleotides) of the human genome has unleashed a bewildering array of possibilities and unexpected avenues for biomedical research. The speed with which the technologies for sequencing DNA have evolved is  Read More 
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